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I am hoping to walk part of the GR11 for my 40th birthday next year in June. I will have 5 days and 5 nights of walking and would like to include the Ordesa valley. Is it possible to do that and any advice on where we would start and then finish? We are flying from London, which airport is closest? thanks Luc
Hi lucaltmann, have you seen the Stages of GR11? there is also the possibility of English Language. IMHO the best option is to flight to BCN Airport and from there to take a bus to Sabiñánigo (4 hours trip), once in Sabiñánigo take the bus line Jaca - Formigal and stop in Sallent de Gallego (1 hour) and you are now in GR11, you can spend the night there and start to walk the next day: If your phisical and terrain conditions are optimals you could reach Parzán (96 km) in 5 days. Parzán is only 3 km by road to Bielsa. You can also arrenge a pick up with your hotel in Bielsa without charge. From Bielsa you should take a bus to Ainsa, and then to Barbastro and Lleida (Lérida) whre is very easy to find buses or trains to BCN where you could take your flight back.
Hi. Zaragoza aiport maybe is a good option too.
Hia again, I totally agree with Jon, Zaragoza Airport is for sure the best option. I didn't realised that Ryanair flights from London Stansted to Zaragoza.
Thank you, very helpful. Those 5 days sound good. Is it possible to cover a further distance in those 5 days or are you restricted by the refuge huts so need to stick to the stage plan? Also does that seem like a good five days to do?
Hi, if you stick to the stages plan (see English version), my advice is: day 1: Stages 13+14, day 2: stage 15, day 3: stage 16, day 4: stage 17, day 5: stage 18 (Parzán). I suggest you to consider two main issues. accommodation and transport. You can use the refuges and avoid to bring tent, matress, sleeping bag, etc. you will go lighter and will be able to walk more km. Transport. you should finish your trip in a town big enough with transport possibilities. After Parzán the next is Benasque, but you will need two additional days more.
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