¿A quién no se le cae la baba cuando cae en sus manos uno mapa antiguo?

Es como que aflora ese espíritu explorador en busca del tesoro perdido, ¿no?

Aquí os dejamos uno del Macizo de Monte Perdido con el que hemos dado, con más de un siglo de antigüedad.

Título: Southern France, including Corsica: handbook for travellers
Año: 1902 (1900s)
Autor: Karl Baedeker

Pirineos mapa antiguo Monte Perdido


“from Luz-St-Sauveur. PJC DU MARBORE. II.Routed. 153 The Port de Gavarnie or de Boucharo (7485ft.), 2hrs. to the S.W. of Gavarnie, is the principal pass over this part of the Pyrenees. About11/4 hr. thenee is the Spanish hamlet of Boucharo ur Bujaruelo (4410 ft.),with barracks and an inn, situated on the Ara, which a little farther onenters a beautiful wooded gorge. On the W. side of the Cirque is a break in the line of cliffs, knownas the Echelle des Sarradets (I1/4 hr. from the hotel), which offers theonly method of ascending from the bottom of the Cirque to its summits.The ascents are difficult and should be attempted only by experiencedmountaineers with good guides, to be had at Gavarnie. Guides. Henri and Cdestin Passet, Pierre and Henri Pujo, Math. Hau-rine, Henri Poc, Fr. Bernat-Salles, Louis JunU, etc. The first two are per-haps the best guides in the Pyrenees. To the Breche de Tuquerouye, 4 hrs. , or less if a horse be takenfrom Gavarnie to the Borne de Tuquerouye, 50min. on th”


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