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Does anyone have a plan for doing between 15-20k per day? We are in our 60s and prefer to not put in too long days. Also interested does anyone have Wikilocs of GR11 stages I could access? Any help with this daunting task of planning would be appreciated! Jeri
Hi Jeri, basically what you are asking for is the planning of this forum (is in Spanish language but with the help of any online translator you can get a reasonable good english translation). Look at this link: these are the proposed legs. As you can see most of the days are under 20 km. There are also some fews around 30 km, but I guess you are planning to bring a tent and all your stuff with you, so you can easily split the longest legs. If I am not wrong you can download the tracks from a link at the bottom of each leg. Let me know in case you have more questions.
Gracias por usted ayuda
And here in english:
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