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Hello, Me and a friend are planning on doing part of the GR-11, we want to start at 9-OCT and go from Nuria or Mollo to Els Limits (EAST) (So legs (8?),7,6,5,4,) It will be our first time doing a part of the GR-11. We have experience in multiday hiking trips and are fit but never went to the pyranees. However there are some concerns I have and would like to ask some advice from people. I have never really read maps or used gps devices so I should update my knowledge. Any tips on maps for this area? I understand mid OCT will be Off-Season. That's why maybe it would be smart to start in Mollo instead of Nuria, the 8th leg looks beautiful but if it's too risky we will have to skip it. (I don't expect we would need crampons after Mollo) The weather is unpredictable in october and when looking at the forecast it shows some rain and snow. I'm still in good hopes of having some clear days. But would still like to ask if you think next week would be too rainy and the trip wouldnt be fun because of it. - We don't plan on bringing crampons or icepicks. - We will bring our own tent and sleeping bag. But will use the unmanned huts whenever possible. - Are enough towns we cross on this route open so we can restock on supplies when needed? - Would we need a water filter or is this unnecessary? - Anyone who has started or ended their hike in Mollo or Nuria? How was the public transportation? (we come from and need to return to Barcelona) What do you think? Any important things I forgot please let me know :)
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